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Women in the Green Industry - ECHO Means Business

Back in June, I was invited to participate in a Live YouTube Pro Panel hosted by ECHO means business. ECHO is a great manufacturer of outdoor power equipment. I was honored!

"In the Women in The Green Industry networking event, female green industry professionals Shaenee Allaire of Allaire Lawn Care, Jacqueline & Abbigail Stuebs of JAR Landscaping LLC, Samantha McClelland of Freedom Landscapes, and Ramona Mullins of Mullins Lawn Enforcement LLC share the opportunities and challenges they faced while being women in the green industry. " - YouTube Description posted by EMB.

I will be honest, I told Josh at the beginning I wasn't sure if I was the best fit. I felt my primary role in our business was on the back end running the books and such. I work in the field often, but not full time. Then he reminded me about this Spring. We, along with much of the rest of the local businesses, were struggling to find the right fit/dependable team members. So when that was happening, I was out running the routes each day with Josh. Sun up to after dark on some days. Just him & I. He reassured me I had earned this opportunity to sit on a panel with these women. Again, I was honored.

So I wanted to share quickly what I love about being in the green industry. In short form... everything. I love the machines we run, the logistics of route density, seeing a finished property and envisioning the enjoyment that client will get from our hard work. It isn't easy. I am not super strong and need help with some things. There isn't a moment that isn't rewarding to me though. I am constantly learning. Every single day whether I am out in the field or not.

If you're interested in the green industry at all I encourage you to check out They have a ton of resources and forums to read through as well as videos to watch submitted by many of the UAG Members. If you would like to see a recording of the Women in the Green Industry : Pro Panel Live Stream - you can visit!

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